— Located just outside of Oakdale “The Cowboy Capital of the World,” our Rodeo project consists of 7,600 acres of almond orchards, planted with several  traditional varieties of California almonds.

Honeybee — Located in the northern area of California’s Central Valley, our 6,400 acres of orchards consist largely of self-pollinating almond varieties, and are also home to our young organic almonds.

Delta — We grow alfalfa, tomatoes, almonds and onions on nearly 11,000 acres of agricultural land located in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta region. 

Southlands — We farm olives, raisins, almonds and forage crops across more than 27,000 acres throughout the southern end of California’s Central Valley.

Mahi Pono — Hawaiian meaning “to farm or cultivate morally and properly”, Mahi Pono is a Maui Farming Company dedicated to transforming 41,000 acres of vacant former sugarcane land and 15,000 acres of watershed into a thriving hub of diversified agriculture, community engagement, and local employment.