Brand Partners

Partners in Quality

We only partner with companies who share our passion for clean food, transparency and an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

While we grow quality ingredients specifically for our partner-brand companies, we also invest in important innovations and shared infrastructure together. In this way, we are able to guarantee the quality of the end product.

Pomona Farming Family Brands

  • Maui Cattle Company
  • Maui Grown Coffee
  • Maui Harvest
  • Shaka Tea
  • Flagstone Foods
  • Three Threes

Unsweetend Malk


Malk is dedicated to offering healthy, pure and the highest quality organic almond and plant-based milks to families throughout the world. The Pomona way of farming resonates with its vision and parallels its passions and we love supporting Malk’s commitment to “no artificial anything.”

Maui Cattle Company

Born & Grazed in Hawai’i – Maui’s second-largest cattle ranch encompasses 20,000 acres (8,000 ha) and epitomizes quality through its island-grazed and naturally forage-fed organic beef products, as well as through its commitment to environmental stewardship.

Maui Cattle Company

Mauigrown Coffee

Since the first harvest in 2004, every facet of coffee farming and production on this 500-acre (200 ha) estate has been guided by a mission for “quality from seed to cup.” That’s why this coffee is always grown, picked, roasted, and packaged locally and responsibly.

Maui Grown Quality Coffee

Maui Harvest

Planted in healthy soil, nourished through efficient irrigation and yielding hearty crops, Maui Harvest responsibly grows organic onions and red, white and yellow potatoes – and shares the love by giving back to the community.

Maui Harvest

Shaka Tea - Varieties

Shaka Tea

Sustainable and non-GMO, Shaka’s māmaki tea leaves are indigenous to Hawai’i and grown only here. These superleaves are hand-harvested from the mineral-rich, volcanic soil while restoring native ecosystems and resulting in pure, organic herbal and botanical teas.

Shaka-Mimaki - Tea

Flagstone Foods

Flagstone Foods makes delicious, nutritious, and affordable snacks for the private label industry. They are committed to traceability, ethical sourcing, sustainable farming, and bee- and butterfly-friendly practices that protect the environment and lift up farmers and farming communities around the world. Pomona is particularly proud to be a part of Flagstone’s unique farm-to-package story.

Three Trees

This organic nut milk producer is focused on its core values of purity, integrity and connectedness farming in all that it does. Three Trees understands that the best almond milks not only come from the best almonds, but those that are grown in responsible, sustainable ways. With a commitment to adhering to the highest ingredient standards, Pomona supports Three Trees in fulfilling its vision of uncompromising quality.

Three Threes